Tokyo's hidden islands

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Ms. Vida Alian

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From ¥ 270,000.- ( minimum)per person for 2 persons including

(1st class cabin on board )(5 nites accommodations)&(5 days guide service on line )

For the further information, please contact us by mail.

Solitary islands surrounded by a vast sea

The Ogasawara Islands are scattered over 30 large and small islands in a vast sea area of 20 degrees 25 minutes to 27 degrees 44 minutes north latitude and 136 degrees 4 minutes to 153 degrees 59 minutes east longitude.

Iwojima and Okinotorishima etc.., which are famous for movies and news, are included, and approximately 1/3 of Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is secured by these Ogasawara islands. Although both belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, even Chichijima, the main island, does not have an airport, and access is limited to liners that operate approximately once every 6 days between Tokyo and Takeshiba Pier. It can be said that it is a remote island group floating in the ocean in the Pacific Ocean.

Day 1

Depart 11:00 from Takeshiba Pier (Tokyo) by Ogasawara Maru

Overnight stay on board

Day 2

Arrive 11:30 at Futami Port (Chichijima)

Depart from Futami Port by Hahajima Maru

Check in Hote//Pention/Inn

Overnight stay at Ogasawara

Day 3-5

Full day free at leisure

Enjoy trekking, bird-watching, swimming or diving

Overnight stay at Ogasawara

Day 6

Depart 15:30 from Futami Port by Ogasawara Maru

Overnight stay on board

Day 7

Arrive 15:30 to Takeshiba Pier