Kyoto Miyama

Traditional Eco Village

Tour Angel

Mr. K. Yamamoto

Mr. K. Yamamoto

French and English licensed guide

Used to work for French tourist office in Tokyo. I`m pleased to guide you all over Japan as ...

¥119,000.-( minimum) per person for 2 persons including private car service with driver , 1 nite accommodations at Miyama Futon & breakfast (exclusive use) in full board, 2 day’s local guide with rental bicycle services.

For your further information,please contact us by mail.

The thatched village or Kayabuki no Sato is the most visited attraction in Miyama. Almost the whole village is composed of old thatched houses and is carefully maintained as a cultural heritage site.You can walk around the village and enjoy the atmosphere and the breathtaking views of the thatched roofs with a mountain backdrop. To get the best sense of the area and avoid the crowds, we recommend you getting here early in the morning or visiting later in the day. Staying in one of the accommodations within the village will give you the most authentic taste of village life.

2 days excursion to Miyama from Kyoto

Day 1

Leave Kyoto to Miyama by a private car (approximately 1.5 hours)

Upon arrival, visit to Kayabuki-no-sato.

Check in futon and breakfast thatched cottage at 15:00

For dinner try hot pot (Nabe) on the Japanese hearth. After dinner, if you go for a stroll you can hear the seasonal sounds of nature and enjoy the night sky if it’s clear.

Day 2

After enjoying a full Japanese style breakfast, take a bicycle ride to explore the area around the cottage. We can point out some beauty spots for you to visit like Hora waterfall. As you ride you can take in the season and the abundant nature.

Leave Miyama to Kyoto in the evening