Kanazawa “Kaga Gosai”

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Mr. Joris Van der Kamp

Mr. Joris Van der Kamp

English German speaking guide

Graduated from University in Germany. Married to Japanese pianist. Good Japanese and English sp...

¥ 150,000.-(minimum) per personfor 2 persons (full pension with 2 days’local guide) without transfer services.

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“Kaga Gosai”(加賀五彩) live on today in Kanazawa.

It is a traditional color of Kanazawa mainly used in Kaga Yuzen. “Kaga Yuzen”is one of the historical dyeing techniques for Kimono. The history stems from 500 years before and has been cultivated in the samurai culture of the region widely known as“Kaga Hyakumangoku”. “Kaga Gosai” features five deep colors of indigo (blue), ancient purple (purple), grated fat (red), loess (yellow) and grass (green).

Beauty is ever alive, because for it there is no past, no future, but the present. Go to Kanazawa to find the colors! I recommend the following spots, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, D.T.Suzuki Museum, Omicho Market, Kanazawa Station, Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya District, The Samurai Houses …

2 days excursion to Kanazawa from Tokyo

Day 1

Upon arrival at Kanazawa Station by Hokuriku Shinkansen

Kenrokuen Garden (Enjoyment of exquisite Japanese garden) – Kanazawa Castle Park (Famous castle restores to present / Relics of Edo era) – Kanazawa Craft Hirosaka (Kanazawa traditional handcraft souvenir) – 21st Centurt Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Overnight stay at Kanazawa

Day 2

The Higashi Chaya District (Teahouse district) – Kazue-machi Chaya District (Elegant teahouse district along Asanogawa River) – Omi-cho Market (As a “Kitchen of the citizens of Kanazawa”) – Musashigatsuji (Shopping district)

Leave Kanazawa to Tokyo